About Wessex Community Action

Our Vision

Wessex Community Action’s mission is to improve the wellbeing of people living in the Wessex area by providing help, advice, training and support to community and voluntary organisations.

Our Members

Membership is open to all organisations and groups with whom we work or have connections.  This includes voluntary and community groups and organisations, public bodies i.e. regional government bodies, county, district, town and parish councils, foundation hospitals, constabularies and any other public body that can subscribe to the aims and vision of this organisation.

As a member you gain access to all the following:

  • Training – priority booking
  • Seminars and talks
  • Invitations to consultation events
  • HR Hub ( £5 per month)
  • 1-2-1 support
  • Access to consultants
  • Newsletter
  • Participate in Forums
  • Equipment
  • Printing
  • Manage funds on your behalf

More About Us

We are advocates for the voluntary sector by connecting, representing, supporting and advising voluntary and community organisations. Our aim is to ensure the sector organisations and their volunteers make the biggest difference they can.

Wessex Community Action was established in 1974 and was originally called Salisbury District Council for Voluntary Services. It was originally funded by Wiltshire Council and Salisbury District Council. We have a long varied history of delivering services in the community many of which are still part of our core service today.

Wessex Community Action is a Charity and Company Ltd by Guarantee. We have a Board of Trustees.


Our values shape our intentions and our culture of working with groups and individuals. .

They guide how we behave and make decisions.

  • Inclusive: engaging and representing the diversity of the sector with openness and integrity
  • Collaborative: sharing, engaging and harnessing information, knowledge and experience that builds a resilient, sustainable, vibrant  and inclusive Social Sector which is self – supporting
  • Open & creative: open to new ideas and approaches to respond/reflect and support the sector