Newsletter 27/07/2017
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Salisbury Hospice Charity
looking for people to help with the setup of of their Wessex Country Fair
We are currently looking for people to help with the setup of our Wessex Country Fair on the 5th August at Wilton House. This will be the day before the event. The main jobs will be erecting gazebos and marquess, laying out tables and chairs and putting up signage. This will be between 10am-3pm but any amount of time volunteers can spare will be very much appreciated.
If interested please call Sarah on 01722 416353 or email sarah@salisburyhospicecharity.org.uk.
Wiltshire VCSE Forum
8th September from 9.30 to 2.00pm
including a light lunch at the Corn Exchange in Devizes
The VCSE sector in Wiltshire is a vibrant and diverse body of people and organisations doing fantastic work. The efforts of the sector brighten, strengthen and enrich the lives of thousands of people but in the current financially austere environment those in the sector who provide Health and Social care support to people often find themselves in a relationship with statutory providers of services. This interaction in some cases is not as good as it could be.  There is often a sense that the Sector is being ‘done unto’ rather being engaged as a partner in a common goal. Around the UK some areas have overcome the ‘them and us’ problem by moving into a relationship of Co-production. Co-production is an equal relationship between people who use services and the people responsible for services. They work together, from design to delivery, sharing strategic decision-making about policies as well as decisions about the best way to deliver services.
At this year’s VCSE Forum in September we would like to ask the question “why can’t it be like that here?’’ So we have invited guest speaker Clenton Farquharson MBE Chair of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and National Lead on Co-Production. (Click here for more information https://www.thinklocalactpersonal.org.uk/News/Clenton-Farquharson-MBE-appointed-new-chair-of-TLAP/ )

Further information to follow.
Trustee / Treasure for
Elizabeth House Social Centre

Registered Charity No: 1079881      
Meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities
Background to the Charity
We provide a range of activities that will help encourage and build a range of opportunities for individuals with disabilities. These services include:
  • Kingfishers: a day service for those with mental health problems (Tue and Fri),
  • Blue Skies: a day service exclusively for those with learning disabilities (Mon, Tue and Fri),
  • Social Club: an evening session open for everyone (Mon, Wed and Fri), and
  • Children’s Services: a service for children with disabilities in collaboration with Barnardo’s (Sat in term time and Tue and Thu during the school holidays).
These services are in part funded by grants from Wiltshire Council but fund raising remains an important activity both to generate funds and to raise awareness of the charity and its activities.
We have an experienced book-keeper who prepares the ‘actual’ figures against the ‘budget’ on a quarterly basis. At the yearend these figures are independently examined by Clifford Fry (Accounts) before submission to the Charity Commission.
We are seeking a Trustee, with financial experience, to act as treasurer for the charity. Responsibilities would include:
  • The preparation of a budget for the forthcoming financial year,
  • The presentation of the ‘actual’ financial figures (prepared by the book-keeper) at the bimonthly trustees meeting together with an authoritive analysis of the implication of these figures against the ‘budget’,
  • The supervision of the preparation of the yearend figures, the arrangement of an independent examination of these figures and their submission to the Charity Commission
  • Other support on financial matters as and when required.
If interested please contact:
Patricia Podger (Chief Officer) on 01722 323783 or patricia.elizabethhouse@gmail.com
Michael Blandy (Chair to the Trustees) on 01722 782247 or mcblandy@hotmail.com
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