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Charities are a key part of a Civil Society

They play an important role in supporting the economy, in building social cohesion and in integrating those individuals who are in danger of being marginalised from society.

  • Nine out of ten UK households have used a charity’s services at some point and three-quarters have used charitable services in the past 12 months, according to new research from the Charities Aid Foundation. But a report on the findings, called Charity Street III,  says that almost three in ten people did not realise the service they used was run by a charity.
  • Using a charity’s services includes activities such as visiting its website for advice, going to a charity shop, or even visiting charity-run attractions such as museums or theatres.
  • It is important to invest in the development of a thriving and diverse Charity Sector as they represent all that is relevant in a healthy democracy – where people come together around the causes they care about to make a difference.
  • There are many challenges facing small charities at this time. Small charities continue to face acute financial pressure whilst continuing to strive to meet the high demand for their services, which has brought its own challenges.
  • Workload has been highlighted as a significant challenge and as having a negative impact on a charity’s ability to deliver services. As charity staff spend more and more time on delivery they must ‘squeeze’ in all of the other tasks related to their role as best they are able.
  • Many charity staff must also spend more of their time on fund development as they seek to balance the increased costs of delivering higher levels of services against flat lining income from all sources.

These are not easy times and so it is now more important than ever that Wessex Community Action take time to find out what skills and development opportunities are needed and provide the right level of training and support, in order that charities are able to continue their vital work. Our role is key. We support, advise and deliver training and resources that are affordable. 

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